Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Best of Fantastic Planet Film Festival 2012

The ‘Fantastic Planet Film Festival’ is traditionally a showcase of the latest offerings in the science fiction and fantasy genres, however, this year the festival Director, Dean Bertram combined the squeamish and grotesque ‘A Night of Horror International Film Festival’ with the bizarre and whacky ‘Fantastic Planet Film Festival’ alongside the culturally idiosyncratic collection of Asian genre cinema from the folks at ‘Fantastic Asia Film Festival’. This mixture of science fiction, fantasy and horror was quite vast, offering films to suit the quirkiest of fascinations and the sickest of desires.

I spent literally every spare minute at the festival this year for fear of missing out on the next cult masterpiece. The possibility of witnessing the premiere screening of the next generation cult classic, The next generation of films to live up to the cult status of films such as Re-animator, Eraserhead or From Beyond, was all the drive that I needed to get through each six hour film marathon at Newtown’s Dendy Cinema. So it is with great pleasure that I share with you my highlights from the three festivals in my personal list of the top ten films of the combined ‘Fantastic Planet Film Festival’...

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