Sunday, 3 July 2011


Excerpt: "Beck Cole's debut film, Here I am, tells the story of a woman named Karen (Shai Pittman) coming to terms with her addictions and her efforts to reclaim her daughter and her life after time in prison. Beck Cole's history is as a documentarian, and it shows. The film exposes some of the social issues in the contemporary urban Australian environment, including drug and alcohol dependency, domestic violence, indigenous health and the welfare of our children and community. For this reason, this is a challenging film, given that not everyone will have a full understanding of the responsibilities of government agencies or the individual struggles that Karen faces.  

Here I am is a film that forces us to side with the protagonist, only to find ourselves conflicted with her characters motivations as the story unfolds. I miss this sort of challenge in films, particularly films that highlight the anguish women face in their everyday lives..."

Read the full review at Carnival Askew.

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